The Best Dating Websites & Apps for Dog Lovers

T he person-to-pet trickle down effect has provided dogs with everything from facials to Halloween costumes. It was only a matter of time until dogs got a dating app, too. Rather, BarkBuddy is to match lonely humans with single dogs who are up for adoption at nearby shelters. Then location-based tracking finds dogs in your area, and a bunch of different dogs, looking for love, come on screen. You can click on their picture to get contact information for the relevant shelter. Yes, you have to call them. Based on what dogs users swipe right on, a BarkBuddy algorithm narrows down dog preferences and specializes what dogs get shown. BarkBuddy also hopes that it can streamline the adoption process by creating a quick pre-approval process. Considering how many positive responses a guy who posed as a dog on Tinder got , the real thing will probably grow pretty popular.

MatchMaking Process

Skip to Main Content. Home How Do I Adopt a Pet. Adopt a Pet The Maricopa County Animal Care Center is a great resource center for those who are looking for a special pet to share their life and lifestyle.

7 Dating Web Sites for People Who Love Pets · 1. Dog Lover · 2. Animal Attraction · 3. Animal People · 4. Dog Gone Singles · 5. Pet People Meet.

Submit Press Release. It’s the world’s match making website for pets. Press Release Pricing. Press Releases. Receive press releases from PetPalio: By Email. Auckland based student entrepreneur Aaron Rodrigues says that there have always been thousands of match-making websites for us humans but not a single one for our pets, whether it be for breeding, information, companionship or just as a friend. The intention of starting PetPalio is to enable pet owners connect with other pet owners that has so far been quite a task.

The website is completely free to use and is growing at a quick pace, not just locally but internationally. Aaron says the concept for the site came out of frustration with the time and effort it took while he was trying to find a match for his dog “I had spent months trying to find my 3 year old Bichon Frise a female match, without any success.

Dog Matchup

Looking for a furry friend to add to the family? We have thousands of animals that would love to be part of your home. Open your heart and home to a pet in need, and be the bridge to a dog or cat’s forever home. This sweet-mannered kitty is a recen Cameron is full of personality and adorable quirks – sometimes when he gets excited, he’ll do this little hop where it looks like he didn’t See what APA!

Our team of expert adoption matchmakers will review applications and contact you If there are no dogs listed on our website, you are still welcome to fill out an​.

The love of your life to make your heart melt with those irresistible puppy dog eyes? Well, online matchmaking is a regular go-to option for many looking to make a human love connection, but it’s also an option for finding your four-legged soulmate. Around 3. Do it because that chihuahua belongs with you. Pupdate: Dog-centered social media accounts are taking the internet by storm. Potential adopters can create a profile on the HIMMD website by answering a number of questions about your personality and lifestyle, and HIMMD will send you a bunch of dogs in your area who are looking for a home.

More importantly, their profile will be a match to who you are and live the way you want to live. Distance makes the heart grow fonder: Tech that can keep your long-distance relationship alive.

Down boy: New dating app exclusively matches dog lovers

The Big Smoke : A brand-new dating app has been developed for those who spend hours swiping through dating sites searching for someone who already has an adorable companion of their own. To avoid this sticky subject altogether, there’s actually an app that will pair you with other dog lovers. Instead Dig Dates just puts dating in the context of dogs, which helps lonely humans find other people living the dog-forward lifestyle.

Good Morning America : The goal of the app is to connect people who “live a dog-forward lifestyle” so Dig offers tips from veterinarians and dog trainers to help make that first date and dog meet-up go as smoothly and with as little stress as possible.

So we urgently needed to get rescue pets mobile by bringing all pet search functionality to the mobile website to ensure more rescue pets find their forever home.

As such interaction with the public is not an option at this time. Please check back in a few weeks for an update. Thank you for your patience! Thank you for your interest in one of our rescued animals! This service creates matches between people and animals that will results in loving, lifetime relationships. It is important for you to be fully aware of the following steps to effectively transition through our adoption program.

Thank you for your interest, and we appreciate your support. The purpose of this form is to gather information about what you are looking for in an ideal new pet and for us to understand the concerns your family has about integrating a new pet into your household. This information will help us find the animal that best matches your ideal new pet.

In addition to any specific animals you are already interested in, we may be able to suggest other animals that would be appropriate matches for your family. It is also vital for us to obtain your contact information so that we may telephone you.

The Matchmakers project

Animal lovers in Lithuania have created a mobile application inspired by the popular dating app Tinder to match up dogs in local shelters with new owners. Called GetPet, the app was launched last month and is getting hundreds of new users daily and already has made a few matches. It joins a growing market of apps for people looking to adopt a pet, including PawsLikeMe and BarkBuddy.

GetPet features profiles of furry four-legged creatures looking up with soft, yearning eyes.

It’s the world’s match making website for pets. does not have a category for our furry friends, Craigslist does not seem to be going there, but 17 year.

Find someone who will love your dog as much as you do. Or, meet someone you want to get a dog with in the future. So, you can decide if you want to find someone currently with or without a dog, and you can filter by dog size. Then, Dig will present you with 5 of the best potential dates for you every day. All dogs featured on Dig are available for adoption or were at the time of posting.

Dog people are always looking for ways to get dogs in their lives. If you have a dog, your matches will know his or her name and size up front an easy conversation-starter! Worried about a big dog in your studio apartment? Sort profiles to only show matches who have small or medium dogs and keep your landlord happy. Find dog-friendly locations nearby to easily plan first dates your whole pack can attend. Funky dog tags and funny costumes!


LONDON — It might sound like an odd thing to say, but for too long there’s been a hairy, dog-shaped hole in the world of online dating. There are plenty of places to go if you’re feeling lonely and want to meet people, but what if it’s your dog that’s feeling lonely? What if Rover wants to make some new dog buddies to chase sticks in the park with, or Fido wants to find that special someone with whom he can share long, tail-wagging beachside walks?

We’re a Bay Area Dog Rescue working to re-home dogs of the housing crisis. We provide a safe-for-life Matchmaking is our passion! We bring over 40 years.

One of the biggest barriers to pet adoption we face today is the lack of response from rescue groups that are overworked, under-resourced, and often struggle to respond to all adoption enquiries. But we understand that when someone falls in love with a pet on PetRescue, and their enquiries go unanswered, it can be very disheartening. Leveraging our greatest strengths as the digital innovators and disruptors of animal welfare, we have the solution – Matchmakers!

So we urgently needed to get rescue pets mobile by bringing all pet search functionality to the mobile website to ensure more rescue pets find their forever home quicker. Thanks to your support, we successfully achieved this by launching the new mobile responsive website, complete with improved pet search functionality, in May Potential pet adopters are now able to create and save their own detailed online adopter profile – sharing essential information about their family, home, existing pets and lifestyle with relevant rescue groups, pounds or shelters when they inquire about a pet.

Not only does this allow faster, more informed decisions to be made about the suitability of the adopter, it also helps eliminate the need for adopters to complete endless adoption forms for every single pet enquiry – something we know turns many people away from rescue and towards other means of obtaining a pet. In the past, when people enquired about a pet on the PetRescue website, the enquiry was sent as an email directly to our rescue members.

While generally reliable, email is not completely robust. Mailboxes can be full and reject new messages. Email systems can be misconfigured. Domain names can expire and render email addresses defunct. And, sometimes, people simply mistype their email addresses.

Must love dogs: The new breed of pet-friendly dating sites that match up people AND their pooches

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She encountered her fair share of dog-baiters on dating apps (which she the site, more women sought out men who have dogs than the other.

Have you been swiping left and right for love? Hotdiggiddy is an online dating site where you can find someone who will love you AND your dog! The site is for the exclusive use of those who know that life is better with dogs, and want to share it with someone who feels the same. If you know your soul mate is out there and loves dogs the way you love do, give Hotdiggiddy a try. The app will show you the way to the nearest dog park, and help you find users nearby who have pups who are down to play!

You can also find groups of people and dogs who meet up regularly just to spend time in the company of like-minded folks. Hotdiggiddy is brand new, so member count is still low. Join for free!

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